Ending and Beginnings

September 3, 2018



Endings and beginnings.  How will it start?  Will it be a new beginning or just more of the same?  Will it be as I imaged?  Better?  Different? Worse?  Will I have regrets or will I be thankful for this new start?

How will I get along?  How will they?  How will it be?  What will change?

Will I get what I want?  Do I know what I want?

Newness in the air. New notebooks, new pencils, new bags.  New calendars.  How will the days fill up? 

So many questions.

Heart beats a bit differently.  Expectations. Good? Bad? It is what it is.

What can I do differently this time?  This year? In 365 days will I look back satisfied? Will I have lived by my true values?

Time to think, time to contemplate.  Time to make new plans. (If I want different, I must do different).

How much am I willing to pay for better? How much is better worth?  How much time, effort and money am I worth?

Questions galore.

Time to think.  Time to act.  Time to make plans.

Now is the time.








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Ending and Beginnings

September 3, 2018

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September 3, 2018

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