We think of the smallest number as just that. The smallest number. Not much power, not much clout. Lonely. Alone. Possibly sad. Without power, without friends. All by itself. Waiting for others. Other numbers, other people. More. We need more. One isn't enough. Even if it looks strong, we think it's faking it. That it would much rather have others around, not be alone. Power in numbers. And here, little one is all alone.

Sounds sad.

That's how we were taught. At home, in kindergarten, in school.

Don't be alone. Do with others, play with others, study with others, work with others. One is not enough.


Maybe that's true. Maybe sometimes we need others to do, to play to be. Maybe it's more fun with others. Maybe they were right. But maybe there's a different right.

Maybe I can just be. Maybe I can be alone and happy. Maybe I can do things on my own. Maybe I can play on my own, work on my own. Sing and dance on my own. Maybe sometimes for fear of being alone I need others when I really don't. Maybe what they told me isn't. Isn't always.

Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

Sometimes one is enough and sometimes you need more.

Sometmes you have more and you need one.

Sometimes one is weak and sometimes one is very, very strong.

Sometimes you belittle the power of one. You think it's weak, you think it needs help, it needs others.

You look down on yourself and what one little YOU can do.

How much change YOU can create. How much of a new, good dynamic you can start for YOU and for others.

Don't give YOUR power to others.

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