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How to make time for Yourself??

How do I make time for myself?

Big question with a simple answer.

The trick is to start small.

I don't start by carving out of my schedule a 2 week break from routine. Let's get real. That's never happened!

But this is my mini "get-away" and it works!

The trick is to start small!!

Make yourself a cup of tea and sit down and drink it.


It's hot!

You're forced to slow down because you can't gulp down a boiling hot cup.

Sit with it. Wait between sips. Breathe.

Pay attention to the cup you're holding.

Pay attention to the taste.

Pay attention and relish this time.

Don't put the cup down.

Don't let it cool off.

This exercise is not to help you drink your water quota for the day.

This is an exercise to give you permission to sit and do nothing.

You're so busy doing, running around from project to project.

You need time for yourself, to fill yourself up.

Little by little take more and more time for yourself.

I give you permission.

This week's mail is short because I want to you to get up and make yourself that cup of tea.

Enjoy the quiet, or the noise. Whatever it is you're hearing.

Next week I'll explain why this is so important.

But first things first.

Get up and make yourself a cup of tea.

Preferably in a cup that you love.

Shabbat Shalom and Have a Lovely Chanukka,


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