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24 things NOT to do when you're tired!

Public Enemy #1. Tiredness

What not to do when you're tired.

1. Do not start a project

2. Do not do heavy physical work

3. Do not get into deep discussions

4. Do not do exacting work

5. Do not delete things on your computer

6. Do not send messages without making sure you have the correct recipient

7. Do not say yes when asked to do a favor

8. Do not say no when asked to do a favor

9. Do not do delicate laundry

10. Do not cook

11. Do not bake a cake

12. Do not text to a group that is getting on your nerves

13. Do not make holiday plans

14. Do not color your hair

15. Do not cut your toe nails

16. Do not answer the phone

17. Do not take your hunger seriously

18. Do not ask your husband why he didn't take out the trash

19. Do not ask your husband to wash the dishes

20. Do not analyze him

21. Do not analyze your relationship

22. Do not come to conclusions about him or your relationship

23. Do not make any oaths

24. Do not call your lawyer

Do yourself a favor and do one thing.


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הוא רוצה לדבר, אני רוצה לחשוב. מה אני עושה? He wants to talk, I need to think. What do I do? עברית אחרי האנגלית >>> I need to think. I need quiet and he wants the answers NOW, he wants to discuss it

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