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Change for the Better


About Me

Happy marriages, good, loving relationships light up lives and influence future generations.It saddens me that marriages are in crisis.  I believe that all of us are capable of and deserve loving and succsessful  relationships. It is my mission to reach out to women in order to help  them create and maintain greater love and satisfaction in  their marriages. It's my personal passion to look for new ideas and models, tips and tools, that can increase the understanding and workings of relationships, in order to deliver relationship tools which can empower and enhance marriages and relationships.. It is my goal to make my services accessible to women all over the world


Exactly Right for You

Personal Sessions

One on One sessions, based on my Model “Change for the Better”.

Hour long telephone or online  premium sessions. 

Personally tailored for your specific needs and challenged. 

I'm available for between session questions and sharing.

Private Online Workshops

Having a strong, fulfilling relationship doesnt have to be a dream.  It can be a reality, years after the honeymoon is over.

A marriage with love, communication, understanding.  

A workshop in the palm of your hand.  Tools in the palm of your hand.  New ideas in the palm of your hand.  A dynamic workshop where you will learn and parctice tools that will empower you to empower your relationship.  You’ll see yourself in new ways and see all that you CAN do.

You’re a private person and this private workshop gives you all you need to move forward at your own pace, to finally get  the relationship that you crave.

Newlywed Packages

Starting on the Right Foot.

Zoom workshop for newlyweds.  Starting off on the right foot  makes all the difference in the world, resulting in a marriage with mutual love, understanding and excellent communication skills.

A multitude of tips and tools.And your specific questions answered personally.  Special offer. A workshop of value for generations to follow.  You want this to last! It can.  3 sessions, tailored for the two of you.

Purple Flowers


“It is clear to me that the process I went through with you plays a significant part in the strength I feel today.

I am happier.  More empowered. More flexible. More attentive.

I can say now that I feel a change in my interpersonal relationships both at work and at home.

H. T. Jerusalem
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